Saint Bartholomew

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Saint Bartholomew


In 1631, Callot published "The Book of Saints for Every Day of the Year," which contained etched images of four hundred and eighty-eight saints. He also executed a series of etchings titled "The Large Apostles," which feature such figures as Saints Peter and Paul, as well as the print St. Bartholomew, pictured here. In Callot's depiction of St. Bartholomew, he fills the page with the image of the saint looking upwards towards heaven.
This link to the heavenly realm is significant, especially for those stricken by the Plague, as a source of reassurance they would achieve salvation. St. Bartholomew is shown holding a knife, an attribute which represents his martyrdom. On the left side of the saint, Callot represents the Christian teachings that Bartholomew conducted in his life, which demonstrates his spiritual devotion. On the right, Callot depicts in the tiny background vivid details of the actual dramatic death and flaying of the saint.


Callot , Jacques


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